faro maailma - speculum
elephant and castle matti bye - drömt
onda sagor matti bye - gösta berlings saga
mario adamson - made in yugoslavia gustav broms - ex silentio
panoptikon orchestra - the joyless street matti bye - the phantom carriage
emma kihl - evig underhållningsmaskin patric nadà - tjugofyra åringar

rotor will record and publish music that might not belong anywhere else

silent film music, furniture music, foreground music, instrumental music and romantic lo-fi music

the records can also be parts of works of art - photography books, installations, written works, holiday calendars

rotor is a pinwheel that catches the disorder in your mind

together with a few other labels we have our own webshop, motljud.com, where you will find all our releases that are still in print

and also take a look at our sister label, tjärnen

rotor - brännkyrkagatan 41 118 22 stockholm - info@rotorrecords.com